• Hyperlite Motive 119 Jr 2018 / Remix K12-2 Package

The wakeboard adventure begins with the Motive Jr.

A board preferred by beginner/intermediate riders who like the flowing feel of the original free ride series. The Motive provides a mellower turn with smoother lift off the wake. This series is perfect for kids first time behind the boat!

119 Motive 1715cm 23cm 40cm Continuous - 5,84cm 3,3cm" Disorder (2) 16cm - 18cm Up to 47kg 15,24cm


A hassle free and comfortable fit, perfect for your first time behind the boat.

The Remix boot is a supportive but easy-to-get-into adjustable boot. It features Dual Lace Zones like more expensive boots, but the plushness you come to expect from an open-toe. The 3D molded tongue provides maximum comfort with no sacrificed board control. The Remix is an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate riders looking for a comfortable, user-friendly option.

Hyperlite Motive 119 Jr 2018 / Remix K12-2 Package

  • Marque: Hyperlite
  • Modèle: Hyperlite Motive 119 Jr 2018 / Remix K12-2 Package
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 399,98$
  • 349,98$

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