• O'Brien Forte 56'' 2019

The Forte pushes the envelope of skim style behind the boat with more width in the tip and tail for stability and drive, and a thinner profile for a quick, carvy feel on the face of the wave. Equipped with a single skim style fin and sharp rails, the Forte slices through the wave and generates tons of forward drive, yet is still loose enough for endless spins and shuvs. Definitely a fun board to have in your quiver!

RIDER PROFILE: Skim style surfers desiring more float and forward drive out of their board.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand laid epoxy

Rider's Weight : 160 - 240 Lbs

O'Brien Forte 56'' 2019

  • Marque: Obrien
  • Modèle: O'Brien Forte 56'' 2019
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 669,99$
  • 569,99$

Balises: obrien, wakesurfs