• Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2019

The longest running wakesurf board Ronix has ever made, the Koal Classic Fish is a tried and true board that continues to be a favorite of wakesurfers everywhere. A sure bet for those seeking an overall fun shape.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Koal Classic Fish has seen many subtle changes over the years but still remains the fish profiled “fun” board that so many wakesurfers have grown to love over the years. In fact, the Koal Classic Fish is now the longest running board in Ronix’s wakesurf lineup, a testament to the ever growing popularity of this surf style shape.

Some new updates for 2019 include a wider, more stable nose design that helps the rider to link together turns on the wave without worries of burying the nose. The rockerline has also been updated to quicken the acceleration and overall speed of the board.

The most universal surf style shape that Ronix offers, the Koal Classic Fish does everything well and caters to riders of all ability levels. The deep swallow tail makes it easy to break the board free for spins and slashes, yet can still bottom turn with the best of them. A wider profile makes this board incredibly stable and forgiving. A fuller rail throughout the entire board adds extra forgiveness while creating smooth, consistent turns for the rider.


Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2019

  • Marque: Ronix
  • Modèle: Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2019
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 799,99$
  • 659,99$

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