• Ronix Koal Thumbtail+ 2019

Danny Harf’s favorite Ronix wakesurf board, the Thumbtail is a fun hybrid shape that rides and spins like a skimmer but doesn’t have that super loose and slippery feel.

It looks like a skimmer but rides unlike any other skim style board you’ll find. The signature wakesurf board for Ronix team rider Danny Harf, this fun hybrid style board offers the skatey feel of a skimboard combined with the rail design of a classic surfboard. Not as slippery as a traditional skimmer but a loose enough feel for easy 360’s. Its semi twin outline is designed to be ridden both regular and switch.

The Drive profile creates a thicker than average board that creates a fast ride with lots of push while still being thin enough for lots of feel with the water. The thinner area in the tip of the nose feels incredibly stable and smooth throughout turns. The board gets thicker through the tail of the board, giving it a good amount of “push” to catch the wave and stay right in the sweet spot.


Ronix Koal Thumbtail+ 2019

  • Marque: Ronix
  • Modèle: Ronix Koal Thumbtail+ 2019
  • Disponibilité: 3
  • 719,99$
  • 599,99$

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