• Ronix Vault 144 2017 / Divide 2018 10.5-14.5 Package

From your first deep-start to your first air-to-flats, the Ronix Vault Wakeboard will have you stoked on buttery carves and controlled pop. Wakeboarding is one of the only board sports where your shoulders aren't parallel with your legs. Ronix counters this learning curve with a thinner toeside rail and fatter heelside rail. This asymmetrical design helps new riders establish their sea legs and provides needed support for digging your toeside edge in. Shaped with a 3-Stage Rocker profile, the Ronix Vault Wakeboard has a lot of kick off the wake, meaning you can still work up to some serious air time once you've mastered the basics.

Size Rocker Height Stance Center Surface Rider Weight Range
134 cm 2.5 in 19.5 in - 25.5 in 16.7 in 781 sq in Up to 175 lbs
139 cm 2.6 in 21 in - 27 in 16.9 in 830 sq in 170 lbs and up
144 cm 2.7 in 22 in - 28 in 17.0 in 869 sq in 175 lbs and up



Ease of entry that will let you save your energy for after you have jumped off the swim deck, but support any level rider would demand once you’re on the water. Built with our ultra-light cush Stage 1 foam, this boot is the lightest boot we have ever made. The finest in ease of entry and open-toe adjustability. The Divide is our most popular open-toe boot outfitted with dual laces for a more customized fit.


•Original Baseless
•Stage 1 Liner
•Built In J-Bars
•New Lace Lock

Ronix Vault 144 2017 / Divide 2018 10.5-14.5 Package

  • Marque: Ronix
  • Modèle: Ronix Vault 144 2017 / Divide 2018 10.5-14.5 Package
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