• Slingshot Contrast 134 2021

The Contrast was built for those who can’t be fooled by butterflies and glitter.

The tapered Flex Tips and a more rigid belly give the Contrast the perfect blend of cable and boat performance - it has all the pop and ollie power you need for behind boat while the Flex Tips delivered unmatched press-ability in the park. It’s a fast-carving, freeride board that will cover all the bases - from first timers all the way to Carro D jupsjo status!
Art By: Micayla Gatto

 The Contrast is a fast, easy-riding board built for all riding environments ... for the girl who can’t be bothered by a couple of butterflies and a pinch of glitter.


Slingshot Contrast 134 2021

  • Marque: Slingshot
  • Modèle: Slingshot Contrast 134 2021
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 749,99$
  • 699,99$

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