• Slingshot Native 2021

The NATIVE is a new age crossover board to dominate both the boat and the park.

The subtle flex tips of the Native board feature an exaggerated elliptical concave that delivers fun and floaty transitions from edge to edge. In the park it embraces round surfaces and helps riders lock in for longer presses, while offering more control and “feel”. If you were ever a fan of the legacy “Recoil” and “Response” models from Slingshot, The NATIVE is what happens when you put those two in a blender and add a double shot of new age influence from team riders like Alex Graydon.
Art By: Alina Scherbakova

 You will love the Native if you are looking for a faster and more futuristic version of Slingshot’s famous Recoil model.


Slingshot Native 2021

  • Marque: Slingshot
  • Modèle: Slingshot Native 2021
  • Disponibilité: 2
  • 799,99$
  • 749,99$

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