• Straightline SL 65'' Wake Combo Red

Dip Molded End Cap:
PVC dipped endcap, lightweight and pad printed with Straightline branding

4mm Dyneema Leader:
Lightweight, Dyneema leader line, no stretch

PVC Dyneema Tubing:
PVC tubing that covers Dyneema leader line to resist abrasion

Cork Molded Oval Grip Diameter:
Molded cork grip rounded with SL logo molded in (exclusive Straightline)

T6-6061 Aluminum Bar:
15” No flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built in floats

Static Combo Line:
65’ feet total including handle, 5 section mainline: 45’-5’-5’-5’-5’

Straightline SL 65'' Wake Combo Red

  • Marque: Straightline
  • Modèle: Straightline SL 65'' Wake Combo Red
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 59,99$

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