You won’t find a better performing epoxy surfer at this price. This skim/surf hybrid is fast and maneuverable on the wave, outperforming boards that are twice the cost. The blunted nose and tapered tail combine with a stable edge sidecut radius for a predictable feel. The twin 3.6'' at foil fin setup provides grip and drive while on edge, yet can break free on slashes at the lip of the wave. 

Size: 4'4"
Width: 21.85"
Volume: 12.90L
Rocker Height: 2.00"/0.20"
Rider Weight: Up to 180 lbs

Connelly Bentley 4'4'' 2017

  • Marque: Connelly
  • Modèle: Connelly Bentley 4'4'' 2017
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 499,99$
  • 399,99$

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