• Connelly Katana 4'7'' 2018

The Katana is the most pure surf style board in our line, and it’s geared to attack a wave. Round rails up front are forgiving and buoyant, helping the tip stay above water. Sharp rails at the tail give the Katana some bite. Vector net in the tail paired with a 21 strand carbon patch along the stringer provide ninja like response and pop off the lip. Utilize a blazing fast quad fins setup or ride it as a twin for a loose, slashy feel.

Size: 4'7"
Width: 21.70"
Volume: 18.10L

Rocker Height: 2.30"/0.40"
Rider Weight: Up to 200 lbs, < 200 lbs

Connelly Katana 4'7'' 2018

  • Marque: Connelly
  • Modèle: Connelly Katana 4'7'' 2018
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 849,99$
  • 649,99$

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