• Liquid Force Primo Ltd

The first of its kind, get extra tricky wakesurfing on this limited edition strapped wakesurf board. Tommy Czeschin’s signature Primo board now equipped with foot straps for more freestyle fun this Summer.

Over the past year everybody has seen the crazy videos of people riding strapped wakesurf boards. To this point all these boards have been concept projects not available to the public. Rejoice because these strapped boards are now available for your riding pleasure. Get ready to literally flip out on the all-new limited edition Liquid Force Primo strapped wakesurf board.

Liquid Force took what was already one of their most popular boards, the super fun do-it-all hybrid wakesurf board and made it even more versatile with the foot straps. It’s like two boards in one! Ride it with the foot straps for easy airs, stylish spins, and flips or easily remove the straps to ride it like a traditional wakesurf board.

Tommy Czeschin has been having an absolute blast on this board and you will too. Now it is easy to get airs and it opens up entirely new tricks that were never previously never possible. Tweak your airs and grab it for extra style. 360 airs are now much easier thanks to the connection between your feet and the board. Do one footer airs like all the snowboarders are doing these days. Best of all, get upside down and start adding flip tricks to your wakesurf game.

This board is the exact same shape and construction as the Primo, just a different limited edition graphic. The included screw inserts allow the foot straps to be easily attached or removed. The Primo board is a hybrid style shape that boasts equal parts skim and surf characteristics. It is popular hybrid option for those that want the best of both worlds in their board. The Primo is a fun ride that boasts equal skim and surf style characteristics. A rare trait in wakesurf boards, this board can grip into surfy turns one moment and be spinning 360’s the next.

An EPS foam core gives it the light, lively feel of a high-performance surfboard while the vacuum formed outer skin makes this board bulletproof. More options is always better when it comes to fin configuration and the Primo has plenty. Ride it as a Twin Fin for stability and drive down the line, or ride it as a single fin for that loose skim feel Tommy’s boards have been known for. Surfers wanting a more skim feel that is ideal for airs, spins, and flips should use just one rear fin while other riders wanting more grip on their turns can ride it with the twin fins.

Take your wakesurf game to new levels this Summer on the new Primo strapped wakesurf board.


Liquid Force Primo Ltd

  • Marque: Liquid Force
  • Modèle: Liquid Force Primo Ltd
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 649,99$

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