• Vissla High Seas 1.5mm Glove

Designed for surfers who do not like wearing gloves. Provides a bit of warmth for those chilly mornings.
Made for cold water: 51 - 58° F / 11 - 14° C
Vissla Surf Glove fit is true to glove size
Glove should fit snug to prevent water from entering

• Superfit gloves with wind resistant duramax exterior
• Full thermal lining insulates heat and dries fast
• Silicon board grip palms with Vissla logo
• Smooth skin gloves with water tight cuffs
• Glued and blind stitched with taitex sealed seams

Vissla High Seas 1.5mm Glove

  • Marque: Vissla
  • Modèle: Vissla High Seas 1.5mm Glove
  • Disponibilité: 15
  • 69,99$

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