• Ripcurl Flashbomb Hood 3mm

The FlashBomb hood offers maximum protection and comfort. The hood features 3mm E5 Flash lining and E5 flash line tape. The hood has a gasket that tucks into the inside of the suit along with a flap the covers the outside, providing a excellent seal to possible flushing. The engineered chin cup uses a 3d shaped pattern to provide maximum comfort.


  • E5 Flash Lining
  • E5 Flash Lining Tape
  • Glue And Blindstitched
  • Internal Neck Gasketengineered Chin Cup

Ripcurl Flashbomb Hood 3mm

  • Marque: Ripcurl
  • Modèle: Ripcurl Flashbomb Hood 3mm
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 74,99$

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