FFB Phoenix 1085 Foil Kit

$2,039.99 CAD $2,724.99

The Phoenix 1085 is engineered for down the line speed for balanced and dynamic carves. Whether it’s behind a boat or being whipped into head high swells, this wing is designed to perform as a playful and responsive tow foil. In addition to high-speed performance as a tow wing, the Phoenix 1085 is an excellent addition to any quiver for all Wing or Kite foilers looking for that loose responsive feel. If tight tow carves are your thing, the Phoenix foil wing is for you


  • Internal Mast & Fuselage Connection - Stiffest Fit Possible
  • Tapered Bayonet Fuselage Locks Front Wing Into Place
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Shortened Base Plate - Multiple Foil Mounting Positions
  • 0° and 1° Foil Shims
  • Tools and Stainless Steel Hardware Included


Name Area (cm²) Span (cm) Chord (cm) AR
Phoenix 1085 75 21 5.2
FS230 230 38 7.5 6.3