Slingshot I-Fly 120L / F-Wing Foil / Javelin Wing 5.5M / Carbon Boom Package

$3,409.99 CAD $5,049.99
Distributeur Slingshot

A lightweight, inflatable foil board with a large carbon-fiber foil plate, the I-Fly provides stiff and reactive foiling performance that you can take anywhere. The I-Fly V1 inflatable foil board provides stiff and reactive foiling performance that you can take anywhere. Packed with features, including footstrap inserts, top and bottom carry handle, ¾-length deck pad, travel pack, and leash connector.

The FWING V2 package is designed to help you progress quickly. Equipped with the massive Infinity 99 wing, boasting 2,371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest takeoff and stall speed in the Slingshot range.

The Javelin boom wing delivers a stunning level of power and control with simple and secure push pin boom connectivity. Featuring an ultra-compact wingspan and on-the-fly power tuning using the canopy tensioning strap to flatten or expand the wings profile. Whether you are cruising one-handed with style, riding backwinded or trying to keep the wingtips out of the water, the advantage is clear.

The Javelin Pro Fixed Carbon Boom features an ultra-thin 25mm diameter designed for riders with smaller hands or those venturing into cold water with thick gloves. The longer 1500mm version (Large) fits wings from 4.5-7.5.