Cascadia I Legend 11'9'' Package

$899.99 CAD $1,799.99

A board that truly lives up to its name; the iLegend offers an unforgettable experience on the water while featuring beautiful West Coast inspired Haida totem artwork. This board's shape allows it to glide effortlessly on both calm and choppy waters and its high volume make it an ideal choice for those wanting to carry gear, have larger frames or want to ride on with kids or pets. 

Comes with accompanying fins, 3 piece aluminum adjustable paddle, carrying backpack, coil leash, waterproof cellphone case and repair kit.

  • Product Size: 11'9" x 35" x 6"
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Volume: 258L
  • Fins: Touring 
  • Recommended Rider Weight: up to 260 lbs