Connelly Super Sport Junior 55'' Combo

$239.99 CAD $279.99

The 2022 Connelly Super Sport Junior water skis come as a pair of youth kids or junior combo skis with slide adjustable bindings and removable stabilizer bars. The Connelly parabolic shaped Super Sport Junior combos make these skis a cinch for the junior beginner skier. The wider shoveled tip will allow the skier a more effortless deep water start. The detachable stabilizer bar will enhance stability and keep skis from spreading too far apart. Slide adjustable bindings are made to fit a variety of junior foot sizes from 4 through 9. This pair of waterskis measures 55 inches in length and designed for beginning riders, boys, girls, young kids who weigh less than 145lbs.

Connelly Super Sport Junior Water Skis Features:
- Construction: Reinforced composite
- Binding Option: Jr. Slide-Type Adjustable
- Surface Area: 2 x 425 sq. in. (2 x 2700 sq. cm)
- Length: 2 x 54 in
- Binding fits foot sizes: 4 - 9
- Fin: Glass filled nylon.