Dinosaurs Will Die Perry 2024

$399.99 CAD $579.99
Distributeur Dinosaurs Will Die


For those boards trying to keep up with the Jones(es), but have hit a Wall in their progression, it’s time to step into a class at Dino U.  Professor Fredrik Perry, *certified ‘G’-nyus, who’s pored over videos and magazines for countless hours in search of the ingredients for “perfect style” has concluded that the board plays a crucial role; the least amount of struggle on your board allows you to express your style freely and easily.  The Perry board makes this possible by incorporating AM camber on top of a SINtered base with a mid-wide waist.  Cure your park and jibbing woes… strap into the Perry.

NEW 159W OPTION FOR 2024 !! WAIST OF 26.2 CM

LENGTH (cm) 150 153 156
EFFECTIVE EDGE (cm) 111.4 114.2 117.0
NOSE WIDTH (cm) 29.6 29.7 29.8
WAIST WIDTH (cm) 25.2 25.3 25.4
TAIL WIDTH (cm) 29.6 29.7 29.8
SIDECUT RADIUS (m) 7.8 7.9 8.0
WIDTH Regular Regular Regular