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$129.99 CAD $179.99



The Atlantis features our new ProFit 2 combined with only the very best materials for good looks and functionality to boot. Completely constructed with seriously stretchy and soft neoprene. Complete stitch through segment panels for no foam movement. Duel layer neoprene construction. Feather weight foam, the softest and lightest we can find. YKK locker zipper with silicon dipped pull string.

Cette Veste N'EST PAS approuvée par TRANSPORT CANADA. 

This Vest is NOT approved by CANADA TRANSPORT

Chest (cm) Chest (in) KGS LBS Size
66cm 26" 37.5-47.5kg 88-110lbs 4
71.1cm 28" 40-50kg 88-110lbs 6
76.2cm 30" 40-60kg 88-132lbs 8
81.3cm 32" 40-60kg 88-132lbs 10
76.6cm 30.2" 40-60kg 88-132lbs 10DD
86.4cm 34" 70kg+ 154ilb+ 12
  91.5cm 36" 70kg+ 154lbs+ 14
  96.6cm 38" 70kg+ 154lbs+ 16