Follow Raph Derome Olive 2021

$139.99 CAD $179.99


Minimalistic and stylish, Raph?s shorter cut vest uses nothing but the best of the best in materials, its dual layer super stretch neoprene, featherweight foam, and unique offset front zipper make this vest subtle and unique. The TrueFit internal liner ensures no movement in the neo for a consistent ride all day long. The subtle badging reflects Raph?s personality; quiet yet perfectly placed. Like I?ve always said ?Always be yourself, unless you can be Raph Derome.?

Cette Veste N'EST PAS approuvée par TRANSPORT CANADA. 

This Vest is NOT approved by CANADA TRANSPORT

Chest (cm) Chest (in) KGS LBS Size
68.9cm 27.1" 40-60kg 88-132lbs XS
74cm 29.1" 40-60kg 88-132lbs S
79.1cm 31.1" 60-70kg 132-154lbs M
84.1cm 33.1" 70kg+ 154lbs+ L
89.2cm 35.1" 70kg+ 154lbs+ XL
94.3cm 37.1" 70kg+ 154ilb+ XXL