Lib Tech Crak'N

$789.99 CAD $1,049.99
Distributeur Lib Tech Crak'N


We designed the Crak’n with one goal; to mimic the feeling of surfing open ocean waves. To achieve this we needed to expand the usable face of the wake so we gave the Crak’n narrow dimensions, a straight rail line, with a fuller nose and overall increased speed efficiency so it can be ridden in smaller lengths. We added slightly higher nose and tail rocker for slashability... wait, we had two goals... we also wanted to blast big airs so we designed a wide scalloped tail and sharpened the edges like a skimboard for throttle and spin control. To top all this off, we unleashed the Particle Accelerator Dish concave in the fin zone for even more speed and boost!

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Range
4’4” 18.9" 1.8" 17.9 cl 80-160 lbs
4’7” 19.4" 1.9" 20.3 cl 120-200 lbs
4’10” 19.7" 2.0" 23.2 cl 160+ lbs