Liquid Force Twinzer 4'6'' 2022

$899.99 CAD $1,229.99

Built for the surfer that wants a fast, lively, and loose ride while still having enough bite to power through big bottom turns and cutbacks. The Twinzer features a unique four fin configuration using a small front canard fin placed just before the larger side fin. Creating a wider effective base on the main fin allowing a higher angle of attack. You will love the full body diamond tip and tail shape with a single concave thoroughout the hull of the board, finishing with a slight vee in the tail for some serious push. Sharp rails tip to tail, this board has plenty of glide speed to charge the wake, but still a blast to hang back and ride.

Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Rocker - Nose / Tail (in) Volume (L) Weight Range (lbs)
4'2" 19.25 1.36 2.30 / 0.48 14.72L Up to 150
4'6" 19.68 1.47 2.46 / 0.53 17.50L 140 - 190
4'10" 20.00 1.75 2.50 / 0.57 22.70L 170 - 220