O'Brien Carbon Pro Paddle 2pc

$285.00 CAD
Distributeur O'Brien

Designed for paddlers who crave performance and enjoy longer SUP adventures, the lightweight, adjustable O'Brien Carbon Pro Paddle has everything you need to make the most out of your paddleboard excursions.


  • Carbon Shaft - Performance oriented with minimal weight and heightened durability
  • Angled and Contoured Bamboo Blade - Durable and buoyant blade designed for smooth, efficient strokes
  • 8" Blade Width - Deliver more powerful strokes
  • Grooved shaft - Eliminates twisting of the shaft components so the paddle always remains straight
  • Premium Adjustment Clamp - Effortless paddle length adjustability with a two bolt design for strong clamping power
  • Paddle Length - 68" to 85" adjustment range
  • Weight - 1.6 lbs