Ronix Modello Skimmer 4'10'' B-Grade

$439.99 CAD $599.99
Distributeur Ronix

The Ronix Modello Skimmer Wakesurf Board makes popping off the water easier than throwing down a thumb ollie playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This pure skimmer is super durable, with a removable 3-fin setup that tracks like an experienced surfer when you're too sick to do anymore tricks. Pick your schtick on the Ronix Modello Skimmer Wakesurf Board.

B-Grade beauties have mild cosmetic imperfections that DO NOT impact the board structure, performance, or longevity. B-Grades come with the full factory warranty. We can't guarantee the specific cosmetic oddity that you will be getting, but we can guarantee the amazing price and handcrafted performance.

4’5″ 14.1 2.2 21 Up to 180
4’10” 15.4 2.3 21 Up to 200