Ronix One Timebomb 142

$649.99 CAD $899.99
Distributeur Ronix

We sat in a barn working with wakeboarding’s royalty – Danny Harf – and brainstormed about how to create a relaxed ride when on the water – and anything but that when leaving it. In October of 2006 we debuted the One Series and since then we have continued to reimagine those traits for our most versatile / popular shape. The hangtime heritage continues with a new shape that was widened to create a bigger sweet spot for added stability that also can be ridden more easily at slower speeds. This latest generation high end shape is our longest running series with raw muscle power ignition when it hits the wake from our Timebomb construction. This core comes equipped with fuse stringers for riders that want the most solid, powerful drive off the wake, added glide speed, and less resistance to your body.







134 2.2 21.5-25.5 16.6 779 Up to 165
138 2.3 22.5-26.5 16.8 808 145-185
142 2.4 23.5-27.5 17 846 160-200
146 2.5 24-28 17 870 175+