SIC Raptor Flite 2000 Foil Complete DEMO

$1,699.99 CAD $2,699.99

Designed for beginners and advanced foiler's, offering control and low speeds. It provides superior lift, maneuverability and control at low speed. It tracks and jibes with ease. The thicker foil and longer chord lengths perform well in the bumps, small to mid-sized surf and sup and wing foiling.

  • Lightweight 100% prepreg carbon fiber
  • One-piece torque resistant Base, Mast & Fuselage monocoque construction (T-Bar)
  • Interchangeable front and rear wing wings with solid connections.
  • Marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Flat mount base
  • Flite front wing sizes: 2000 cm2
  • Rear stabilizers: 350 cm2