Solite Thermal-Rebound 1mm Neoprene Round Toe Heat Booster Socks

$49.99 CAD


Designed to wear inside all round-toe boots or swim fins, our new Round-Toe 1mm Neoprene Heat Booster Socks boost warmth by 5-10 degrees F. Bottom line: longer sessions in frigid water, where you can focus on performing, rather than freezing.

Tested by our top cold-water pros in slush-waves and water temps down in the low 30s, the 1mm Neoprene Heat Boosters now feature our Thermal Rebound internal lining fabric, increasing warmth by over 10%. For extra durability against the front of boots or fins, the toe-seams feature external Tatex LSS (Liquid Seam Seal).

The 1mm Round Toe Neoprene Heat Booster Socks are available in 4 sizes:

Small: US Men 5-7.5 / US Women 6.5-9

Medium: US Men 8-9.5 / US Women 9.5-11

Large: US Men 10-11.5 / US Women 11.5-13

XL: US Men 12-13+ / US Women 13.5+