True Ames Yater Apocalypse 10'' Army Green

$139.99 CAD
Distributeur True Ames

The Yater Apocalypse, a timeless classic that has been resurrected! The template for this fin, designed by legendary shaper Renny Yater, had been tucked away in our archives for decades until recently. Because its design remains as relevant today as it was 50+ years ago, we decided it was time to share its magic with the surf community at large, and we're sure glad we did. Since its re-release in 2018, the Yater Apocalypse has become a fast favorite of not only many of our customers, but also of many of the best longboarders in the world.

This iconic fin features the timeless simplicity, classic curves, and straight-forward functionality that Yater is so well known for. Its design inherently complements so many aspects of longboarding–providing plenty of hold, pivot, and drive. A fin with true versatility, we recommend the Yater Apocalypse for surfers with all ranges of experience.

  • Timeless design makes for a great all-around longboard fin
  • Plenty of surface area for noseriding, medium amount of rake for optimal pivoting and turning
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish