HO Hovercraft 65'' / Stance 5.5-9.5 / Rear Toe OSFA Package

$679.99 CAD $819.97

With the HO Sports Hovercraft 65" Women's Waterski on the boat, you're ready to ride no matter what the conditions look like or whoever's on the boat. That's because it features a Widetrack Frame, giving the ski the surface area of two "regular" skis. This does some interesting things to the way it rides, like making deep water starts easier for beginners, and allowing the ski to operate at slower "wakeboard" speeds. Pair that with the unique swallow tail shape, using a Tri-Fin Thruster setup, and you get a ski that carves and rides like a surfboard. Except surfboards don't get the support and comfort of HO Sports Stance 110 Women's Bindings, or Adjustable Rear Toe Piece, so you've got one up on them too.