O'Brien Child Neo V-Back Blue 33-55 Lbs

$67.99 CAD $79.99

The OÌBrien Child life jacket is perfect for keeping young children safe and comfortable in and around the water. Kids will love the comfort provided by the BioLite construction. The outer material is soft, lightweight, breathable, more mildew resistant than neoprene and more environmentally friendly too. ItÌs designed to not weigh down the child so they can make the most out of their time on the water. On the safety side of things, the OÌBrien Child life jacket has a full front zipper and two adjustable waist straps making it easy to get into and provides a simple way to dial in that nice, snug fit necessary to keep the child safe in the water. WeÌve also included a leg loop strap and a grab strap for that added touch of security.


Weight Range: 33-55 lbs