Ronix Supreme 2022

$599.99 CAD $749.99

Grandeur Wakeboard

Sandwich recipe created by 3 Michelin Star Chefs Tyler Higham and Jake Pelot. The Supreme is the only Sandwich constructed wakeboard on the market featuring a light and lively Air Core that runs tip to tail through the middle of the board, and wood that runs the length on the top and bottom. A new school shape inspired by an emerging riding style that’s a combination of an explosive inner core, wrapped in an outer wood core with higher dampening qualities. A rocker line unlike any other, with a big flat spot on the outer rails of the board so riders that approach the wake on edge can experience the perfect vertical take-off. Then, the middle of the board has a progressive continuous rocker for riders that come into the wake flatter for a smoother, faster out-into-the flats style jump. High-end adaptability enters season # 3.







137 2.6 22-26 17.2 826 Up to 175
141 2.7 23-27 17.2 846 160-200
145 2.8 24-28 17.2 865 175+