Tahe Aria 140L / Aquilon Foil Complete 2000 / Alizé Wing 5M Package

$2,795.00 CAD $4,089.99
By Tahe

The inflatable Aria 6'2" AIR has a shape and design similar to the rigid board Aria, with increased volume to give increased stability in flight and on the water.

Conceived for easy riding and to give advanced performance for more experienced riders. Its generous 140L volume means you can learn to Wingfoil in total confidence. Stability on the water allows you to concentrate on handling the wing and making your first «flights». Very easy waterstarts.

Aquilon foils give you the perfect combo for learning to « fly »! One foil, two sizes, designed specifically to help develop your style and progress fast. Aquilon 2000 foil is made for riders who want good stability and easy take-off in lighter winds.

Just like the warm, steady winds that blow in the tropics, the Alizé Wing is light and stable. Guaranteed take-off!

Easy to control, its compact design allows you to enjoy your ride without touching the water. Its rigidity makes sailing simple and reduces the risk of flapping. The ergonomic center batten allows you to adjust power quickly and easily during your ride.

Two wide-tube mini-booms extra larges enable you to position your hands precisely and make the Alizé very simple to use and control.